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Geometrical Transformations

See how spatial transformations can alter images and how it relates to uses such as 3D imaging.


Calibration Techniques

Learn basic camera calibration techniques as needed in computer vision, ensuring accurate and reliable image analysis.


Intro to 3D Imaging

Explore various 3D imaging techniques, including line profile and stereoscopic imaging. Uncover how methods are processed using conventional image processing tools.


Morphology and other Image Filters

Dive deeper into morphology and other image filters revealing additional shape processing and structural analysis.


Color Imaging

See how multispectral images open up a different world of applications while still using traditional image processing techniques learned earlier.


Inspection and Metrology

Learn additional techniques for inspection and metrology purposes, showcasing their significance across various applications.


Putting it All Together

Observe how a practical application is built using concepts learned from this course.



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Course Outcome

This exciting course will equip students with the essential skills in image processing! They’ll explore imaging basics, core operations, histograms, segmentation, object detection, shape descriptions, and more.

By the end of the course, students will have a versatile toolkit of techniques and methods for analyzing and enhancing images. They’ll confidently apply their skills to practical projects and real-life industrial examples, demonstrating their proficiency in image analysis and processing.

Get ready to unlock your potential and embark on a captivating journey into the world of image processing!